About Us

Hey there! Samantha and Sydney here! We are sisters who have a passion for clothes and decided to turn our passion into a business. It's so hard to find modest, affordable, AND stylish clothing for ALL size women so we wanted to help change that. We hope to help women feel beautiful and confident on the outside AND inside!
We both grew up in a small town where fashion wasn't really a thing and if you wore anything besides a t-shirt and jeans (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that) you were made fun of. Moving to Orlando helped change our mindset! Now we're back in our small town and it's our mission to help women feel comfortable and confident with being fashionable no matter where they live! Beauty comes from within, however you'd be surprised at what a cute outfit can do to your mood and confidence. At the end of the day, WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL!